Naturals2Go Combo Healthy

Naturals2Go Combo Healthy

The Seaga Naturals 2 Go 4000 (N2G4000) Healthy combo vending machine is packed with cool features. This machine accommodates a huge selection of drinks and snacks. You can vend 7 different cans or bottles of various sizes in the refrigerated portion of the machine and 21 different snacks in the non-refrigerated portion of the machine.

Key Features

  • Healthy Graphic on the front and one side
  • Size (73.5″H x 34″W x 28.5″D)
  • ADA compliant
  • Payment methods: Nayax credit/debit card reader, dollor bill, iPay and Google
  • NAMA certified
  • Remote monitoring / tracking of inventory & sales
  • User-friendly
  • American Made
  • LED Display
  • Vends 8 & 12 oz soda cans and up to 20 oz bottles
  • Heavy duty and durable

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